Cira Bhang


Material: Acrylic paint, acrylic marker, tempera stick
Size: 50 cm x 50 cm cm

Is there life in other universes?

Indonesian-born contemporary visual artist based in France. She has a birth name Cira Citrasmi Candramanon. Born and grew up in Bandung, Indonesia. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in interior design from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, National Institute of Technology in Bandung, Indonesia, in 2000. Nevertheless, in abstract visual art, she is a self-taught artist. She started it at the age of 42 years. When she still lived in Indonesia, she worked as an interior designer, a lecturer of Two Dimensional Design and Three Dimensional Design at the Visual Communication Design Department in ITENAS (National Institute of Technology), ITHB (Harapan Bangsa Institute of Technology), and UNIKOM (Indonesian Computer University) in Bandung. And also a contemporary batik pattern designer and a batik process teacher for children and adults. In addition, she also taught the batik process to children with special needs, the hearing-speech impaired. In 2014, she moved to France with her husband, a Frenchman. They are living in a beautiful small town in Provence, Southern France. From her mini studio, she recounts the stories abstractly through shape simplification or symbols harmonized with the superposition of the elements of art. The composition of work expresses the simple things in her everyday life, or at times, speaks about more profound and even complex subjects such as being a woman and a wife. In her journey of creativity, she responds to things that are both appealing and unforeseen. Those things will then lead her to the intention and the process of defining the work. The culmination of her work is accomplished if the final result allows everyone to reach a personal interpretation and imaginative perception. She states: “Everything has its own story”.

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