Practical information

How does it work?

Painting of the year 2021 is a global election, open to all painters. Until 30 September 2021 everyone can register for this competition. You can do this by uploading a photo of your best painting(s) (maximum four) on this website (click here to 'Register').

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How to photograph your painting?

The better the picture of your painting, the better the impression it gives to the public and the jury. You don't necessarily have to have your work photographed by a professional photographer to get a good picture, although it can be very useful. Here are a few short tips to avoid the most important mistakes...

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Professional jury

From October 1st 2021, when registrations for the competition are closed, the professional jury will start its work. These are all people who in their daily work deal with different facets of (contemporary) painting.

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Here you will find the Conditions of participation for Painting of the year 2021. By participating you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

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All participants in Painting of the Year 2021 stand a chance to win the grand prize of € 2021 and participation in a sales exhibition, but will also receive some presents.

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Between October 1st and November 30th the audience can vote for his/her favorite painting(s). In this way, the public determines the winner of the Audience Award.

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Latest paintings

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Winner Audience Award 2021

Ilgonis Rinkis wins the Audience Award of Painting of the Year 2021 with her painting 'MY LOVE — JUST A ONE MORE “STROKE”'.

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the 20 finalists are known!

On December 18th the professional jury got together and spent almost a whole day assessing the 46 nominated paintings that were entered.
After carefull deliberation the 20 finalists of Painting of the Year 2021 were selected.

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50 nominees

On November 1st the 50 nominees of Painting of the Year 2021 are known. These are 50 paintings with the highest average grade given by the professional jury. 

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Sales exhibiton at Art Eindhoven 2022

The 20 best paintings of Painting of the Year 2021 will be exhibited at Art Eindhoven 2022 in a special sales exhibition.

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Color of the Year 2021

How could Painting of the year NOT use the Color for the year for it's website?

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Winner of Painting of the Year 2020!!

'Anna' from Berardino Rubini is the winner of Painting of the Year 2020!

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Winner Audience Award 2020

Julanne Barry wins the Audience Award of Painting of the Year 2020 with her painting 'Joy'.

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Social media

Painting of the Year also has a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

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