Peter Jaruszewski (JARU)

Burano, island of colors, Venice Lagoon

Material: Oil on canvas
Size: 80 cm x 100 cm cm

This picture shows a narrow alley on Burano with washing in the foreground blowing in the wind and the leaning Campanile San Martino in the background. Almost all colors are represented again, just as the artist Jaru actually saw it. Each facade of the small fishermen's houses shines in a different colour.
My name is Peter Jaruszewski, called JARU. I am self-taught and started painting in my youth. In my expressionistic pictures I show memories of beautiful places, experiences with people, feelings and moods. They are very colorful and should above all convey an enjoyment for life. On countless trips I collected motifs, learned from living artists as well as from old masters of the past and brought not only impressive places but also situations and people to the canvases in order to bring what I saw and experienced to life with radiant color intensity and to hold it forever. For me and my painting, the quote from Joan Mitchel (American painter) applies: “If I don't feel what I paint, then I don't paint it”.


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