Marcel Rus

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Material: Textile fabrics, wood
Size: 100 x 100 cm

Go roam! Go roam through this work of art. See for yourself what you can find. Marvel at the everyday beauty of life.

Hello! My name is Marcel Rus from the Netherlands, Sint-Michielsgestel. I have been an artist since 2008. I make figurative abstract works. Through professional workshops by artist Geert de Bruin, I made the step to large work with different materials. The basis is textile, where unnecessary clothing is recycled. I work a lot on wooden panels and with acrylic paint. I want to spread a message through art. The message is simple: marvel at the beauty of the everyday. I exhibit regularly, alone or with other artists. I get inspiration from the nature around me, the daily life I live and artists I admire. For example, I walk a lot, write blogs about what I experience and feel and visit exhibitions. I am a fan of Sean Scully and regularly visit museum De Pont in Tilburg. I get feedback from buyers that they appreciate the works of art for the authenticity, the tactility of the textiles and the tranquility it radiates. They also enjoy hearing the story behind the artwork. My artworks are tangible and continue to fascinate. They fit into any interior, from sleek to rural, and are also affordable.

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