Ilgonis Rinkis


Material: Oil on Canvas
Size: 40 cm x 40 cm cm

Female profile portrait. Painted in late summer.

The painting captures a moment that cannot be repeated. There is something melancholic, lively, and ephemeral at this moment. I think that makes the painting attractive. My work is focused on the solution of colors, composition, shapes and lines. The way of depicting the action is classic, traditional. Materials used: oil paints, a little acrylic; draped fabric on frame. I used to experiment on primed textured paper and cardboard. It is more practical to use a canvas on a frame to display larger works. The range of use of oil paints is wide - from pasty, embossed textures to light watercolor coatings. The compositional element of the painting is a person, flowers, nature. Man and the environment in which he is. A person - a contemporary - in different times and situations. This environment may not be the present at all, it may also be a move into the distant past. It is important that this depicted human image is able to bear the psychological load of ideas. The situation in the paintings is surreal, fictional. I paint flowers alongside people - I try to create a mood there. I need nature very much. The works reflect my attitude towards life and painting - asking myself - what is real and what is surreal. In the paintings created by visual impressions, I try to send the viewer on a journey of discovery on the surface of the painting and let them feel the image, time, situation, moment. For me, it is an independent challenge to create something new.

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