Volker Mayr

A Hot Summer Night

Material: oil on canvas
Size: 60 cm x 60 cm cm

This oil painting in the abstract expressionism style could make you feel the atmosphere of a hot summer night in a city or at a beach with music in the air. You may see people lingering around the bars and restaurants on a boulevard passing enlightened shops, talking and laughing.
„What composers do with music, poets with words, I wish with my paintings: inspire people and create emotions. I want to trigger impulses that make the soul of the viewer vibrate.“ Ever since childhood Volker Mayr lets his impressions of nature express themselves in painting, having learned from his grandfather, the artist Otto Glossmann, how to make emotions visible as colours and forms, using first naturalistic, later, from roughly 1985, non-figurative painting, on his way to abstract expressionism. Volker’s pictures arise from all the senses and emotions: they are sensual, un-premeditated and with a playful love for enigmatic details. Multiple and vibrant relationships between colours and surface textures are being created by layers that form transparent views, bold and expressive, emotional, and spontaneous. Volker’s dreams tend to be colourful but non-figurative – thus, his paintings follow his dreams. The art historian Gerhard Charles Rump said about Volker: "Mayrs paintings in their combination of painterly gestures and visible structures of the colour mass are remarkable, the colours themselves, their tones. They move in rarely explored areas, do not jump at the viewer, but require sensitive approach and a willingness to see them with patience to see all traces of nuances. Images as they are dynamic in origin and have a form of inventory, that makes a meditative element.“ Volker loves the challenge which an empty canvas poses to the artist: to fill the void with a fantastic life which still retains its mysteriousness, makes colours and forms move perpetually, and changes its rhythm, energy, and aura, depending on lighting and the feelings of the observer. With his paintings he should like to reach out to the soul of the viewer and make it vibrate. Volker Mayr aims to follow this path: but let us also have fun - Volker in painting, and the observer in looking at the result!

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  • Jury ronde from 30-09-2021 00:00 till 31-10-2021 23:00

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