Sascha Bayer

Türkis Island

Material: Acrylic, Pigments, Sand, Concrete on Wood
Size: 82 x 82 cm

This artwork shows a water landscape with sandy island structures. I created the surface in three-dimensional relief using different materials. Using a special gradient technique, I let the colours flow over the background until the overall composition was complete. During the drying process, the painting ground opened up and the sandy structures emerged naturally. The artwork is presented in a shadow gap frame.
Sascha Bayer was born in Aachen on September 26th, 1973. He studied at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen from 1996 to 2001, graduating with a diploma in interior design. He has been working as a designer and artist since 2001 and as a freelance artist at Atelierhaus Aachen e.V. from 2017. The three-dimensional has always fascinated him since his childhood, having been triggered by a recurring dream of the cosmos, of expanding and contracting spaces in space. He has felt like a part of this overwhelming event. Until today, he could not forget this impressive dream, which he think has had a lasting influence on his three-dimensional vision, which is demonstrated by his artistic practice of large sculptures. From an early age he was able to draw precisely in perspective, with a very good spatial imagination.He designs and constructs objects, reliefs and sculptures „from the surface into space“. Within his art practice he uses annealed iron wire, silk paper, concrete and acrylic paint, creating exciting, naturally flowing transitions between transparent open and solid closed forms. The interior and exterior of his work should be simultaneously perceptible for the viewer, body (concrete), spirit (wire, paper, paint) and soul (the space in between). As with his work, our being is also multi-layered and rich in contrast, respectively our life is with all its facets. A human silhouette, for example, is made up of different paths with heights and depths that symbolize life. With his objects, reliefs and sculptures he always try to find the creative balance, to connect the individual elements with each other in such a way that they become one. He creates his very own inner world, a cosmos, in which people and buildings exist, which seem to be partly transparent, partly massive. While the openly designed elements reveal their inside to the viewer, something seems to remain hidden behind the massive forms ( facades ), which is waiting to be decoded. In his artistic practice he is fascinated by human existence, the expression of spirituality, joy of life and passion. In abstract painting, he is inspired by processes that occur in nature, for example the flow of water and the traces it leaves behind. When colours run, natural structures and borders are created, which form exciting colour transitions layer by layer. In other techniques, he first creates a three-dimensional, relief-like background of different, partly natural materials, which forms the basis for the running colours. In this way, landscapes, human figures and faces seem to blur fluidly with the background and become one. Text: Sascha Bayer

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