S.W.C. Meeteren


Material: 13 layers feathers, acrylic, sand, seaweed, knife, flour, toothbrush, cotton
Size: 1,00 x 1,00 cm

Agitation tells the story of the world in which there is so much disturbance. Where in the chaos we try to find our peace. Overall, the painting evokes a sense of inner peace in the middle of the chaos we live in in the world.
Biography artist At the age of 4 I got up early to draw on the floor at night, much to the chagrin of my parents. I wanted to go to art academy, but after not having been selected, three times, I took a different path. In 1988 it started to itch again and I completed a three-year drawing course in Groningen, Netherlands, in which I learned all the disciplines of drawing and painting. I also did a sculpture course and an interior architecture course. I’ve had a long way, different, with a good reason. About 4-years ago I fully picked up my creativity in art again. I first did the “Authentic art” course and next year I did the “Design your own Art” course. Since that period you can find me more and more hours in my studio. I work with natural and sustainable materials as water based paints, feathers, sand, seaweed, cotton, plastic waste, sticks, wood and flowers. I find the materials I use along the way while walking and cycling in nature. I make art (modern, abstract) and re-design interior, such as vases, bowls, candlesticks and chairs. I make paintings (modern contemporary art, abstract) and re-style interior such as vases, bowls, candlesticks, chairs, anything I can do with. I grew up near the forest and in nature. You can always found me in nature. This since I could walk a little bit and go on at adventure. All my work is made from heart and I put all my energy, feeling and emotions into it. Now I work as a professional artist and exhibit national and international. You can read more on my website I want to make people happy with my work, bring them closer to nature, let them enjoy nature more, learn from nature what is good for nature, the animals and the future of our children. I hope I can make you happy with my art made with heart and soul. Silvia

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