Radu Tikanete

,, The Crucifixion ''

Material: oil on canvas
Size: 60 cm x 60 cm cm

The Jewish high priests and elders of the Sanhedrin accused Jesus of blasphemy, reaching the decision to kill him. But first they needed Rome to approve their death sentence, so Jesus was taken to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea.Although Pilate found him not guilty, unable to find or even make a reason to condemn Jesus, he feared the crowd, letting them decide Jesus' fate. Crowded by the leading Jewish priests, the crowd declared, "Crucify him!"
RADU TIKANETE Born on the 28 th February 1954 in Resita ( Romania ) Studies : "Ion Andreescu " - Institute for Fine Arts , Cluj -Napoca , 1975-1979. Member of the ,, Plastic Artists Union '' since 1984. Lecturer at ,, Ion Andreescu '' Fine Arts Academy from Cluj-Napoca ,1991-1993. Professor at the Fine Arts High School from Resita 1994 - 2019 IQ coefficient = 158 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: THE IV th YEARLY "MINIATURE ART" INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION TORONTO, CANADA 1989; THE EXHIBITION "ESTAMPES - TABLEAUX MODERNES ET CONTEMPORAINS - PEINTRES ROUMAINS", "DROUOT-RICHELIEU" - PARIS 1991, [FRANCE]; INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF ART, RESITA, 1998, [ROMANIA]; INTERNATIONAL DRAWING BIENNIAL - ARAD 2001,[ROMANIA]; INTERNATIONAL CERAMICS COMPETITION "CITY OF CAROUGE PRIZE", CAROUGE (GENEVA), SWITZERLAND 2003, 2007 (presenting in the exhibition with the picture of the ceramics work) ; THE VIII BIENNIAL INTERNATIONAL ARTISTIC CERAMICS EXHIBITION - AVEIRO [PORTUGAL] 2007; THE 3rd BEIJING INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE - 2008 [CHINA]; BUDAPESTA (HUNGARY) 2008;BUDAPESTA [HUNGARY] 2009; PALM ART AWARD EXHIBITIONS -LEIPZIG,[GERMANY] 2009,(ART DOMAIN GALLERY), finalist; PECS (HUNGARY) 2010; "TROPHÉE ALAIN GODON, FESTIVAL DU TOUQUET", LE TOUQUET PARIS-PLAGE, [FRANCE], 2011; "TROPHÉE ALAIN GODON, FESTIVAL DU TOUQUET", LE TOUQUET PARIS-PLAGE, [FRANCE], 2012; PALM ART AWARD COMPETITION- LEIPZIG,[GERMANY] 2011 ; PALM ART AWARD COMPETITION- LEIPZIG,[GERMANY] 2012 ; ZRENJANIN [SERBIA] 2012; "ART CONTEMPORAIN", Salle ROSSINI, PARIS, [FRANCE], 2012; "ART CONTEMPORAIN, PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS", Salle ROSSINI , PARIS, [FRANCE], 2013; "PARALLAX INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR", LONDON (at Chelsea Town Hall), [ENGLAND], 2014; "AMSTERDAM INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR", (at Beurs van Berlage Hall ), AMSTERDAM, [NETHERLANDS ], 2015; "PALM ART AWARD" COMPETITION, (GERMANY), 2016, ; "ROTTERDAM INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR – RIAF", (at De Laurenskerk), ROTTERDAM, [NETHERLANDS], 2016; MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE D'ARTE CONTEMPORANEA "THE NUANCE OF DREAMS", (Sale del Bramante), ROME, [ITALY], 2017; International Exhibition "Palm Art Award - 2017" - (Germany), 2017; "Oxford International Art Fair - OIAF", 23-24 -25 February, (Oxford Town Hall), Oxford, (England), 2018; International Exhibition "Touring the World trough Art", Nicholas of Cusa Museum, Bernkastel - Kues, (Germany), 2019; International Exhibition "Touring the World trough Art", Cultural Center Köln - Mülheim, (Germany), April 17 - April 28, 2019; International Competition ”Schilderij van het jaar 2019”, (Netherlands), 2019; 2020 ; "Palm Art Award 2020", International Competition, (Germany), the prize "2nd Chance Prize", (painting) ; 2020 International Exhibition ”Painting of the Year 2020”, (Netherlands); 2021 "Palm Art Award 2021" International Competition - NOMINÉE, ( Germany ); 2021 International Exhibition "Painting of the Year 2021", ( Netherlands ); 2021 Fira Internacional d' Art de Barcelona , ( FIABCN ) , the 6 -th edition , 3 rd December - 4-th December 2021, Museu Maritim de Barcelona (MMB ), Barcelona, (Spain); Exhibition ”Painting of the Year 2022”, (Netherlands) , qualification in ”Top 10”, 2022; Exhibition ”Art Eindhoven 2023”, February 4-5, Klokgebouw Cultuurhallen, Eindhoven, (The Netherlands) , 2023. AWARDS: BARCELONA (SPAIN) 1992 - (graphic design). TIMISOARA (ROMANIA) 2011 - (photo). CERTIFICATE of EXCELLENCE, at "PALM ART AWARD"- 2012, LEIPZIG [GERMANY] - (painting). CERTIFICATE of EXCELLENCE, at "PALM ART AWARD" COMPETITION - 2016, [GERMANY] - (painting). "2nd Chance Prize” - (painting ) , International Competition ,, Palm Art Award 2020 " , Quedlinburg , [ Germany ] , 2020.

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