Robèrt de Graaf

Alt-138 Langres II

Material: Oil on canvas, framed
Size: 70 x 90 cm

Digitalization continues in the present time. This artwork depicts the digitalization of humanity. Everything consist of data in the future.
The artist Robèrt de Graaf, born in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, is a passionate painter. Robèrt has been painting from a young age. The artist has left the period of spontaneity and impulsivity behind him and has now arrived at a point where he creates compositions on canvas that tend towards surrealism, but also reflect this current time. Robèrt does not shy away from subjects such as politics, science, alienation and religion. If at all possible, the artist works with all available materials, but the basis always remains oil and acrylic paint. Robèrt's use of color is currently in balance, but occasionally works are created with spontaneous and explosive use of color. The artist gets his inspiration from various sources, everything that fascinates can lead to a good work!

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