margarita podkorytova


Material: oil
Size: 85 x 70 cm

Some of my paintings are easy to paint, they are painted in one flow and one feeling. This painting is an exception. I was working on it for 4-5 month and placed a lot of layers. That was a hard period of my life when I was doubting myself, my choices due to external factors. My painting was filled with details and I couldn’t look at it. It felt heavy and tiring, it was a full representation of how I felt. Until one day I decided to add some space by painting dark lines. After doing so I felt some relief. It was in a way as painting a door out of the problems. Despite all the surrounding noise the focus point of the painting is a couple, it can dissolve a bit with the background and you have to keep your focus. Just like in real life, we have to pay attention to things that are truly important -US.

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