Stüwe-Schmitz Ursula


Material: Oil on canvas
Size: 60 x 60 cm

Thoroughbred stallion ITO (sire ADLERFLUG) bred by Schlenderhan stud. The painting is done with oil colours in classic style, own reference photo

Born in the center of Düsseldorf and from a family that never had horses, it might seem strange that I always felt magically attracted by horses. My professional career developed away from any art, and several years passed before I devoted myself more intensively to painting. The Grafenberg racecourse was visited a soften as possible and end of the 80s I let my dream come true, started breeding and had my own racehorse for a while. Today I am still living in Düsseldorf, nearer to the racecourse and even more a keen racegoer. I am mainly self taught, feel influenced by the German equestrian artist Klaus Philipp and took lessons with Manfred Hentschel and Tony O’Connor. My works are done with charcoal, colour pencil, pastels but the preferred medium is oil. While equestrian art is my primary focus, also landscape motifs, apples and lemons in realistic representation are immortalised in oil. My beloved horses are done in oil in a very precise style, following the classic English painters but interpreted in my own perspective. Backgrounds are diffuse and reduced to a minimum. The horse is the star, painted with much of love for any detail of his presence and character. I have newly discovered acrylic painting which allows me a new approach to motifs with the brush as well as palette knife. The colour purity gives me much joy and offers new freedom on the canvass. The result is abstract realistic work with lively colours. Working with this new medium is still the beginning of an adventurous journey. Let us see where it will lead me to. I am exhibiting locally but the focus is on more. Commissions are accepted. My work can be viewed at @ursula_equine_art I am Member of Paardverzameld Collective, The Netherlands; Kunstverein Ratinger Maler e.V., Germany; Society of Equestrian Art, UK

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