Christiane Bernreuther


Material: Oil on canvas
Size: 40cm x 80cm cm

1. Britta Britta is a German actress, artist and model. Her face radiates self-confidence and vulnerability. That really appealed to me to portray her.

Christiane Bernreuther, born 1960 in Brunswick, Germany, studies at the Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule. Since 2000 she has lived and worked in Hamburg. The focus of her work is portrait painting. Her most famous works come from the series "Faces of Life". These are mostly large-format oil paintings, which seem to be equal to the viewer. In her works Bernreuther always emphasizes the uniqueness and personality of the people portrayed. In doing so, she penetrates the surface of the persons and works their characteristic features into the foreground. This leaves room for interpretation for the viewer. The faces painted with strong brush strokes reflect wit, defiance and beauty. One wants to learn more about these people – and about the life that has shaped their faces. For more information about Christiane Bernreuther, please visit:

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