Astrid Baenziger

the fabulous Sixties

Material: acrylic painting/collage
Size: 80 x 80 cm

enjoying the spirit & music of the sixties with famous people like Hendrix, Summer, Cohen, Jagger, Cher, bowie and many more
What started off with drawing comics has expanded into an intensive exploration of various acrylic painting and collage techniques. The artist’s works are partly figurative with clear motifs, partly abstract painting. Thus you will find exploding flower gardens, nostalgic washing lines, paintings with poetic or political text content or stories that the artist wants to tell the viewer. Influenced by the fashion, film and music of the Sixties and Seventies, she repeatedly creates pop-like artist portraits in the garish patterns and colours typical of the time. She uses her art as a mouthpiece for political statements, to question social structures or simply to revive the nostalgia of past times. For many years now, the artist has been exhibiting her works in solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Her acrylic and collage paintings have been shown in Switzerland, as well as in London, Oxford, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Innsbruck, Verona, Milan, Venice, Tokyo, Geoje, Hong Kong, Moscow and Doha. In October 2015, she exhibited for the first time at the X. ART BIENNALE FLORENCE at the FORTE DA BASSO, and in 2017 at the 57th ART BIENNALE VENICE in a group of 60 artists at the PALAZZO ALBRIZZI CAPPELO.

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