Nicole Jutka

LOVE. NO‘ WAR _ Paradis garden, 2022

Material: Mix fluorescent on canvas
Size: 100 x 100 cm

„People can live peacefully regardless of nationality, origin, what is important is the spiritual light, love for people, respect for nature. This is my basic wish and vision for the future for us and our children. Love. NO‘ war series is a message into the world, it is a worldwide symbol for the peace movement. "We artists, we humans, take part in today's experiences of pandemic, war and in our sensibility we suffer with them. This suffering expresses our own feelings, statements. The last war left many traces of nationalism and murder. Our generation lived for years in peace, a great gift. 77 years of peace, and... we want to keep that. Let's plead together to raise our voices for PEACE AND LOVE IN THE WORLD, sets perceptions on what to experience today, before it is not too late. My statement as a human being and mother. The basis of my work communicates the message of light penetrating darkness, a powerful concept that carries a philosophical and spiritual pandora's box about our existence” Nicole Jutka

“Born and raised in the era of communism, Nicole Jutka painted since her childhood.   At the age of only one and a half years, she loved to play for hours with old books and scribble into it. Later she bought from her pocket money books, art catalogues and pencils, read one book after another and painted. “I write when I paint and paint when I write.“, is the motto of the artist, who is interested at the same time in writing and painting.   Already, in the elementary school, the other children  asked Jutka for drawings. At the age of nine, she came across thepainting of Caravaggio and was fascinated by his light  and shading presentation. Her art teacher  organized a firstexhibition of her early works  that were well received and awarded. From then on, art determined Jutka's life, which under communism was shaped by the figurative canonof forms of socialist realism, was mainly limited  to therepresentation of everyday topics and  offered little scope forindividual, abstract or experimental pictorial inventions. At the age of eleven, Jutka found this lack of freedom in thechoice of artistic means unbearable and has since dreamed of fleeing to the West.   At the age of fifteen, Jutka, now a high school student, begandesigning fashion for herself and others. “There wasn't much. Everyone dressed like old people, ”she remarks about thelimited range of fashionable clothes. Catalogs and fashionmagazines were secretly exchanged, the gaze longingly turnedto the west. An alternative was needed - fashion, individual, chic, made of high-quality or unusual fabrics. And soon Jutkawas able to celebrate initial successes with her designs.   In 1989 the artist took part in the mass protests against the regime of Nicolae Ceau?escu with her brother Jan Stoian, a well-known jazz musician, before she was finally able to emigrate to Germany in 1990. She still shares her love for music with her brother today and she still uses jazz as a source of her artistic inspiration.   In Germany, Jutka first studied fashion design, worked as a chief designer in the Rhineland and was responsible for entirefashion collections - while she continued to paint and write. She became the mother of two sons in the late 1990s.  Soon they were painting together while she told them self-made stories about unique characters that she varied over and over again. At the same time, she got involved in the social field, started art projects for children such as XXX (see p. XXX) and initiated the development and design of the local art scene in Bedburg.    Fascinated by digital worlds, she also started working in an agency in Mönchengladbach in 2001 in order to acquire knowledge in the areas of multimedia and graphic design. The works "What I am" and "What I feel" then realized using Photoshop address the self-discovery of women and their diverse roles in everyday life.   In 2002 the series “Die Reise der Ant” was created, which is characterized by strong autobiographical references: a foreign ant is looking for true friends on its journey far away from home. Jutka describes the question of how she settles down and asserts herself in a still strange and unfamiliar society in a unique artist book as well as in other graphics, art books and sculptures.   The artist created her first abstract series of images in 2003 under the title “The four elements: fire, water, earth and air”. The individual primordial elements are made visually tangible in an analogous way through processual pouring and pouring of the paint and symbolize the interplay and balance of forces, the primeval chaos from which a vague order is already emerging and design structures can be guessed at.   Since communicating her own experience and knowledge isalso important to Jutka, she studied art education at theCologne Institute for Culture and Further Education from2009 to 2011. In 2010 she was finally able to fulfill long-cherished wishes. She moved into her own studio, founded herown art school, bought a pink refrigerator and a dishwasher of the same color - all in pink! “I finally understood Picasso's“ Pink Period ”,” remarks Jutka with a wink. With “La vie en ... rose”, a series of pictures, installations and objects that playwith changing light conditions and different perspectives, Jutka ushered in this new phase of work. She presented thiswork for the first time in the Glashaus Gallery in Bedburgunder the title “The Pink Shine”.   Parallel to founding her own art school, she cooperated withthe NRW state program "Culture and School", was involved in over 200 art projects at various schools, carried out more thansix projects a year and taught more than 2000 students in over ten years. "People need social tasks to be happy," says Jutka.   Her heart projects “Part of this world” and “Inspirationfables”, for example, helped many children to explorethemselves or to learn interpersonal moral concepts: “Art touches, shapes and stays. Art is my third child. "   In 2014 the artist started a new phase of work entitled “Lightpenetrates the darkness”, in which she experimented withfluorescent colors and pigments for the first time. Theresulting image motifs and objects light up in a different colorwhen irradiated with black light - and appear three-dimensional. Characteristic are two parallel existences, whichis why Jutka also calls these pictures, which will become hertrademark and toured through several countries between 2014 and 2018, as “sculptural paintings”. With the color-intensive portrait series “New People”, the artist also addresses questions of identity, the diversity and diversity of an individual, his roots and his migration background. “I, too, was born in Romania as part of a minority and emigrated to Germany. My husband is Slovak. What are my children? ”Asks the artist, amused. Together with the landscape metaphors “New Landscape”, which was created at the same time, she presented these works for the first time in 2014 in the Löffler Museum in Kosice and in the Farmer Museum in Bucharest.      In 2015 a series of pictures and sculptures was created under the title “Love no War”, which revolve around the themes of love in interpersonal relationships in general and between women and men. Jutka was inspired by works by Auguste Rodin and Gustav Klimt on the one hand, but also on her own marriage, which, like a light in the dark, showed her the way to happiness and warmed her soul. “For me it was a time of pain and excruciating feelings. A sensual, emotional experience due to our strong, intense connection. "   In 2019 Jutka founded the group "F7", consisting of seven artists from various origins. Together they looked for a way to express the diverse identities of women, who are at the same time the origin of life, mother, daughter, lover, wife, sister or soulmate, in an artistic and interdisciplinary way. Different cultural references, artistic attitudes, ideas and combinations flowed into her works presented on the Cote d'Azur and Bucharest under the title “La vie en ... pink”. National and cultural boundaries were deliberately crossed, the simultaneous attempt of different artistic disciplines. The hybrid, seemingly surrealistic results allude ironically to social norms and roles that women have internalized since birth. The pink color advances in a humorous way to a kind of label that defines and fixes the female identity. “Women are always disadvantaged, no matter what industry they work in. Unfortunately, that's still a reality, ”says Jutka, who as an artist has to cope with the diverse tasks of a working woman, mother and partner.   In 2020 and 2021, Jutka run away from massive limitationscaused by the pandemic into paradise-like fantasy worlds and continued in the working phase „Light penetrates Darkness“ on series of paintings „Avatars“, „Figurative and Abstract“ as well as „Hanging Gardens“. The latter was created, inspiredby the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon", which are consideredone of the Seven Wonders of the World, for fear of losing herown garden, the only place of refuge in which she still felt freeand inviolable. On the other hand, the artist used the time to rediscover herself, she founded the Nicole Jutka Gallery and organized exhibitions “Open Happy Light Space” and “Black Sea Feelings” in Bucharest. Her brother Jan Stoian accompanied the presentations with live jazz performances of new fluorescent works under black light, which  challenged the perception.” Dr. Anita Shah, Curatorin   N I C O L E J U T K A_ VISUAL ARTIST | DESIGNER | ARTPEDAGOG | CURATOR Nationality | german/romanian Works and lives | Bedburg/Germany & Bucharest/Romania Phone | +49 (0)176691510 | | | Nicole Jutka is a multiple award winner, established international visual artist, with exhibitions in museums, her works are in the collection in several countries: Germany, USA, France, Italy, Slovakia, Romania. She is the founder Atelier Jutka, art school for all and worked over 15 years as an art teacher, in over 200 art projects, local and international, with over 2000 students. From 2021 she is founder and curator of Nicole Jutka Gallery with four location: Bucharest/ Romania, Olimp/Romania, Bedburg/Germany, and soon Cote D Azur/ France. AWARDS_ 2022 | PRIZE EMINESCU - LIFE‘s WORK Award for PAINTING AND SCULPTURE, Tomitan Academy, Constanta Romania (corona conditionally – August 2022) 2021 | Circle Quarterly Magazine Contest - Excellence Award for work “Green free tree” 2021 | Diploma, full member of the Tomitan Academy for important activity in the field of art from Archbishop Theodosius of Tomis, Constanta/Romania 2020 | GLOBAL ART CONTEST, CATEGORIE ABSTRACT PAINTINGS , Shangai/China 2020 | PRIZE FOR PAINTINGS & SCULPTURE, LIFE‘s WORK, Academie Dimitrie Cantemir/Romania 2019 | PRIX D ENCOURAGEMENT DU JURY,Loubet, Cote d Azur/France 2017 | Arta Vita Art Contest, Santa Barbara/USA 2016 | “HEIMAT” (HOME) ART COMPETITION Cologne/Germany , 2nd place in the “Group Prize” category your art school “Atelier Jutka” Artschool for all – for student Abdulrahman Barghoti 3rd place in the category “Youngsters – up to 18 years” 2016 | PREMIO INTERNATIONALE D ?ARTE, „PREMIO SPECIALE DELLA GIURA“, San Crispino, Italia, for work “Wings” and “Pain” EDUCATION_ 2019 | Arthistory, Artmanagement, bei Auction House Artmarkt Bucharest/Romania 2014 | Further Education: to Art Teacher/Educator for culture and school, ministry for culture and education Cologne/Germany 2009 – 2011 | * Artpedagogic, Cologne Culture Institute, Cologne/Germany 2011 | Furt Further Education: Aspects of the Culture of Aging, Culture Institute Cologne/Germany 2009 – 2010 | * Adult Basic Educational qualification for course instructors at community college in NRW, Düsseldorf/Germany 2000 – 2001 | * Multimedia Graphic-Design and Desktop Publishing Specialist, Incurricula, Mönchengladbach/Germany 1990 – 1993 | * Fashion Design, Ioan Slatineanu Academy, Bucharest/Romania WORKEXPERIENCE_ since 2021 | Owner Nicole Jutka Gallery since 2019 | President Asociation „Part of world“ 2010-2020 | Owner of Atelier Jutka,“Art School for all“ Bedburg/Germany, since 2011 | Founding „Teamart 11“, Team Building for companies and their employees since 2002 | Freelance Artist 1993-1998 | Artdirector bei EWS Sindorf/Germany SOLO EXHIBITION_ (lastyears) 2022 | November, Shangai International Artfair, (awarding prize Global Art Award, categorie abstract painting, and exhibition „ hanging gardens“), Shangai/China (corona limited) 2022 | Prize Eminescu, “Light penetrates darkness- Eminescu” Ovidiu, arhiescopie Magma, Constanta/Romania 2022 | D ARTE GALLERY, “Light penetrates darkness- hanging garden” Auction House , Bratislava/Slovakia (corona limited) 2022 | Maenner Villa, “Light penetrates darkness- hanging garden“ , Wien/Austria (corona limited) 2021 | October 1-31, “Light penetrates darkness- hanging garden, Terra: Nova Forum, Elsdorf/Germany 2021 | September 11-12, “Light penetrates darkness- hanging garden“ Alte Rathaus, Bedburg/Germany 2021 | July, “Light penetrates darkness- hanging garden“ , Europa Artfair Amsterdam/Holland 2021 | June 5- 31 August, “ Open happy light Space”Nicole Jutka Gallery Bucharest/Romania 2021 | May 28-30 “Festivalul romanilor de pretutindeni- Aici-Acolo”, online Exhibition, Bucharest/Romania 2021 | Mai 5 “Exploring the emotional potential of occupying a luminal free space between music and painting.” Free performance; painting by Nicole Jutka on Jazz Music by Bogdan Stoian, Olimp/Romania 2020 | Nov performative act, call to action, “LET US ACT IN LOVE AND LIGHT FOR US, OUR CHILDREN, FOR THE WORLD." Online Facebook performative act (call to action) 2019 | August - September Project F7 – La vie, Villeneuve-Loubet, Espace Rene Tosti, Cote d Azur/France 2019 | Iuly - August, Project F7 – La vie, Muzeul Taranului roman, Bucharest/Romania 2018 | February - April , “Light penetrates darkness“ Galeria Alexandra’s Bucharest/Romania 2018 | February, Art Fair, „love no war“ Parallax, London/UK 2017 | June, Etoile Gallery, „love no war“ , Düsseldorf/Germany 2017 | June, Art Safari Art Fai, Bucharest/Romania 2016 | June, Kunstraub Gallery, Cologne/Germany 2016 | May, Art Safari Art Fair, Bucharest/Romania 2016 | April, “Light penetrates darkness – new people“, Centrul Cultural UNESCO, Bucharest/Romania 2015 | November/ Dezember, “Light penetrates darkness – new people“, Muzeul Taranului Roman, Bucharest/Romania 2015 | November, Art Fair A19, Paris/France 2015 | April - May , Glashaus Gallery „La vie en rose“, Bedburg, Germany 2015 | Januar - Februar, “Light penetrates darkness – new people“, Löffler Museum, Kosice, Slovakia 2014 | Oktober, “Light penetrates darkness – new people“, DARTE GALLERY, Auction House , Bratislava/Slovakia GROUPEXHIBITION(lastyears)_ 2021 | November 11 - December 29, “ The Journey of the Ant”, Gallery L‘Entrepot/Monaco, Frannce 2021 | 2022, “BLACK SEA FEELINGS”, Nicole Jutka Gallery/Olimp, Romania 2021 | Juni 11 - 12 MUSIC & PAINTING, fantastic Fusion Nicole and Rachel Jutka performing painting on life Jazz music by jazz-stars Jan Stoian and Robert Patai 2019 | December, Artbox Art Fair, Miami, USA 2019 August, Artbox Salon, Zurich/Swiss 2019 | May, Codrin Gallery, Bucharest/Romania 2019 | May, Cotroceni Museum, Bucharest/Romania 2018 | August, History Museum Constanta/Romania 2018 | Januar, Unesco, Bucharest/Romania 2017 | October, Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris/France 2017 | August, National Museum, Bran/Romania 2017 | July, Unesco, Bucharest/Romania 2017 | July, Church San Nicolaus, Predeal/Romania 2017 | July, History Museum Ipotesti/Romania 2017 | June, Art & Fashion, Mamaia/Romania 2017 | European Book Art Biennale Collection Galerie Yummis Tsuzuki, Tokyo/Japan 2016 | 4rd European Book Art Biennale , Kala Academy's Art Gallery Palolim Beach Goa, India 2016 | Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich/Swiss 2016 | Premio Internationale D’Arte, San Crispino/Italia 2016| Kult Gallery, Bedburg/German PEDAGOGICALPROJECTS_(Choicefrom200Projects) 2019 | International Project „ la vie en pink“, France-Romania 2017 – 2018 | „Europa“, graffiti action, Erasmus project Europe, Berufskolleg Adolf-Kolping, Germany, exhibition 2017 – 2018 | „Love no war“, identity, intercultural project Europe international kids, Berufskolleg Bergheim, Germany, exhibition 2017 – 2018| „New fables, young authors“, painting, sculpture, ethics, literature, theater, recycling, Wilhelm Busch Schule, Bedburg, Germany, Culture and School, exhibition 2017 – 2018| „New fables, young authors“, painting, sculpture, ethics, literature, theater, recycling, Hermann Gemeinde Schule Glesch, Bedburg, Germany, Culture and School, exhibition 2017 – 2018 | „Love no war“, identity, intercultural project Europe international kids two groups, Berufskolleg Kerpen, Germany, exhibition 2016 – 2017 |„part of this world“ identity, intercultural project Europe international kids two groups, Berufskolleg Kerpen, Germany, exhibition 2016 – 2017| „Inspiration Fables“, painting, sculpture, ethics, literature, theater, recycling, Hermann Gemeinde Schule Glesch, Bedburg, Germany, Culture and School, exhibition 2015 – 2016 | „part of this world“ identity, intercultural project Europe international kids, graffiti, Berufskolleg Kerpen, Germany, exhibition 2015 – 2016 |„Inspiration Fables“, painting, sculpture, ethics, literature, theater, recycling, Hermann Gemeinde Schule Gleschl, Bedburg, Germany, Culture and School, exhibition 2015 – 2016 | „Inspiration Fables“, painting, sculpture, ethics, literature, theater, recycling, Wilhelm Busch School, Bedburg , Culture and School, exhibition 2015„part of this world“ identity, intercultural project orphan kids, Löffler Museum, Kosice, Slovakia 2014-2015 | „my dream home“ , ethics, literature, identity, intercultural project School in Pulheim, Germany 2014 – 2015 | „part of this world“ identity, intercultural project Europe, Berufskolleg Kerpen, Germany 2014| „part of this world“ identity, intercultural project Europe, Berufskolleg Kerpen, exhibition 2013 – 2014 | „Inspiration Fables“, painting, sculpture, ethics, literature, theater, recycling, Wilhelm Busch School, Bedburg, Germany, Culture and School, exhibition 2013 | „Part of this World“, identity, intercultural project. OGS, junior and secondary school Elsdorf, Germany, exhibition 2012 – 2013 | „Inspiration Fables“, painting, sculpture, ethics, literature, theater, recycling, Wilhelm Busch School, Bedburg, Germany, Culture and School, exhibition by Nicole Jutka, intercultural project. junior and secondary school Elsdorf, Germany, exhibition 2012| after book „ Bello and the blue wonder“ ( Paul Maar) painting and sculpture, intercultural Wilhelm Busch School, exhibition Bedburg Castel 2011 – 2013 | „Inspiration Fables“, painting, sculpture, ethics, literature, theater, recycling, Wilhelm Busch School, Bedburg, Germany, Culture and School, exhibition 2011 | „Part of this World“, identity, intercultural project. Berufskolleg Kerpen, exhibition 2011 | „holiday without suitcases _ Picasso and I“, retirement home, Elsdorf 2010 | Musical RitterRost, interdisciplinary School, Kaster ARTRESIDENCY_ (symposiums) 2021 | Mannervilla, Wien/Osterreich 2018 | Eforie Sud, Unesco – Artcaravane, Romania, Dimbovicioara,, Romania 2017 | Sucevita Unesco – Artcaravane, Romania 2017 | Ipotesti Unesco – Artcaravane, Romania, Predeal 2017 | Bran Unesco – Artcaravane, Romania Certificate of excellence to all symposions PUBLICATION_ 2021 | Nicole Jutka, Germany 2020 | F7, La vie en Pink 2017 | Art Safari, Bucharest, 9 786068605531 2016 | Art Safari, Bucharest, 9 786068605531 2015 | New People 1151361, Löffler Museum 2014 | Das Glashaus 2014 | New People, New Landscape 1373470 2013 |Das Experiment, 1961678 PRESS & MEDIA_2020-2021 erhaelt-global-art-award-fuer-ihr-oelgemaelde-37891800?cb=1633847995218 bucuresti/ design-week/ kind/?fbclid=IwAR32tvwnNMrUIlLkvwa9ukihoXvsWqAuHbFiHKtNAFOq3PHYjcVCc-x0BaM welt?fbclid=IwAR2CzqLzybfqro9ARfeQNuiVNeBC6VshCDDqCyP2lWOe9gqelIRgj4Rr2w8 [21:08, 12.10.2021] Nicole Jutka Gallery: tourismus/veranstaltungskalender?tx_hwveranstaltung_hwveranstalt%5Baction%5D=show&tx_hwveranstaltung _hwveranstalt%5Bcontroller%5D=VeranstaltungFrontend&tx_hwveranstaltung_hwveranstalt%5Bid%5D=498&tx _hwveranstaltung_hwveranstalt%5BlistAction%5D=list&tx_hwveranstaltung_hwveranstalt%5Btid%5D=1924&cH ash=c510d1b3f4092e1871eecb926d44390f 1089150-amp.html item.phtmlünstlerin-erhält-global- art-award-für-ihr-ölgemälde/ar-BB1cu6UY 814711-amp.html 1089150-amp.html 37b6a2f415ee-item.phtml item.phtml tourismus/veranstaltungskalender?tx_hwveranstaltung_hwveranstalt%5Baction%5D=show&tx_hwveranstaltung _hwveranstalt%5Bcontroller%5D=VeranstaltungFrontend&tx_hwveranstaltung_hwveranstalt%5Bid%5D=498&tx _hwveranstaltung_hwveranstalt%5BlistAction%5D=list&tx_hwveranstaltung_hwveranstalt%5Btid%5D=1924&cH ash=c510d1b3f4092e1871eecb926d44390f MORE PRESS & MEDIA_ RT ARTIST STATEMENT_ The basis of my works communicates the message of light that penetrates the darkness, a powerful concepts that carry a philosophical and spiritual pandora box about our existence. | ” Light penetrated darkness” | I understand light as love, joy, peace, the essential attributes necessary for human existence.... her belonging.. Where does it come from, how do we find it, do we need it? Is it the basis of everything? I was concerned about the simple relationship between light and dark and also the most complex concept that carries philosophical, spiritual questions about our human existence. I study the idea, the adventure that I don’t know where it leads. I’m interested in the forms that have life, that don’t are static. The catching of the breath of nature through subtle contrasts, raw colors that are captured by modulated matter, an alchemy that transforms the materializations. I use fluorescent pigments to install another dimension, 3D, penetrating the space of darkness, the paintings transform under the black light become a new creation, like a moving pictorial sculpture, the interior or so said the soul of the painting. Two totally different perspectives, like two parallel existing. What is light?


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