Maja Pavlovska - Maja Angel

A bitter end, while the Age of Love, Peace & Freedom is being born

Material: Digital painting on various mediums
Size: 70 x 100 cm

The title is describing the inspiration to paint this artwork, but I prefer to give to the audience a free space to have their own opinion, leaded by their own feelings while they look at it... It's digital painting and the original file can be printed on various mediums/dimensions.

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Winner Painting of the Year 2021!!

I Dreamt Of Paris Again Last Night' from Seppe de Meyere is the winner of Painting of the Year 2021!

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Top 10 Painting of the Year 2021

Today, on December 8th, the Top 10 of Painting of the year 2021 has been published!

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Winner Audience Award 2021

Ilgonis Rinkis wins the Audience Award of Painting of the Year 2021 with her painting 'MY LOVE — JUST A ONE MORE “STROKE”'.

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