Ganga Roslin Bladh

Fragrances, analysis, bumblebees

Material: acrylic on canvas
Size: 100cm x 100cm cm

What does a fragrance look like? That was the opening for me, to paint a series of fragrances from the point of veiw of a insect. A world full of magnified information, so important for our life on this planet.
I live in Sweden. close to nature which means a lot to me, both artistically and for my well-being. Nature is most often found in my art, in different ways, telling its story... Last year I was nominated among the top 50, in an international competition in painting, based in Holland; "Painting of the Year 2021" and was also among the ten selected Swedish participants in an exhibition at Dunker's cultural center in Helsingborg "Konst på Kryss" with a total of twenty participants from Sweden and Denmark. I am basically a trained art teacher, 3 years in Umeå, plus art school, and in that way, you could say, have worked with art all my life, even when I worked as a teacher. My own art practice has always been important, but in recent years it has become completely dominant. I paint, mainly acrylic, but also gouache and watercolor. Furthermore, I also work with clay, it becomes sculpture, built and turned. I myself find that I am usually a playful storyteller and let my pictures and sculptures flow between realism and my own additions. The color is free to live its own life, the rules are not strict. my motifs come from what is close to me - the nature around me, animals and insects. But also my inner life. I try to paint and be true, against what wants to be painted and portrayed.

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