Bianca Lever

Al Pacino

Material: Oil over mixed media on canvas.
Size: 80 x 60 cm

Portrait of Hollywood actor Al Pacino. The figure is painted in monochrome black and white to underline the characteristics of the face and outlined with copper leaf. The background has lots of markmaking and is done in warm tones to enhance the juxta position even more.
Growing up in the metropolis and governmental city The Hague in the Netherlands as well as a career in aviation are clear and strong influences on the work of international selling artist Bianca Lever. She discovered her passion for art later in life, as if all those experiences were looking for a creative way out. Thus leading to getting an art degree and pursuing a career in Art which resulted in selling and exhibiting internationally. The abstract realistic work of Bianca Lever is expressive and outspoken. Her realistic figures, people and animals, are painted on pop- and streetart style backgrounds. Her mixed media process in which different techniques and styles are combined is both thought through as well as intuitive and exploring, always pushing the envelope. Her motto “Be curious, explore and experience” shows in her work. There is a lot of juxtaposition, contrast and visible layering. Always ending with multiple layers of oil to make the colours even more intense and to create more depth by using cold and warm pigments. Bianca still travels a lot and lives and works in the middle of artistic and inspiring Italy where she paints from her studio with a beautiful view of the Appenines.

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