3Steps collective

Ice Cream of the Crop II

Material: spray paint, resin and paper collage on wood
Size: 140 x 180 cm

A glamourous styled girl eats ice. As stated on the ice cream package: In eating the ice, the girl smashes capitalism, kills corruption and eat populism. 3Steps uses subliminal ethical messages. The first view shows Urban Glamour. On the second look the viewer should explores the deeper imagery: The package.
3Steps (est. 1998) is the collective of the twins Kai H. and Uwe H. Krieger and Joachim Pitt (all born in 1980) from Giessen. The three friends live and work in the university town Giessen, Hesse, Germany. The award-winning collective pick the term AMBIVALENCE out as its central theme, transforms the world into URBAN GLAMOUR, paints in NEO POP. The collective creates monumental visual worlds on large building facades. In the studio 3Steps works on paintings, screen prints, graphics and sculptures. 3Steps is initiator and curator of the urban street art festival RIVER TALES and the quARTainer art space. In 2014 the collective was awarded as “Culture and Creative Pilot Germany” by the federal government of Germany. | Exhibitions (selection): Fields of Memories im Wetzlarer Kunstverein 2016 (Solo); One-Artist-Soloshow art KARLSRUHE, Gallery Haas & Geschwandter, 2CforArt , 2017 (Solo); Kunsthalle Kunststation Kleinsassen 2017 (Solo); All Good Things – Come to an End, during long night of the museums, Galerie Haas & Gschwandtner Salzburg 2017 (Solo); ART Vienna, Galerie Haas & Gschwandtner 2017 (Group); CAPTURE THE STREET, Museum Exhibition Oberhessischen Museum Gießen 2019 (Group); Schlacht|hof [??la?tho?f] im Alten Schlachthof Gießen 2019 (Solo); Empire of True Love, INCUBARTOR Galley Rother Wiesbaden 2021 (Solo); Black and White, Mamor Saal at Henkell X Freixenet 2021 (Group); ARTe art fair Wiesbaden, INCUBARTOR Galley Rother 2021 (Solo) | Art on Architecture (selection): Volksbank Mittelhessen Neubau Hauptgebäude im Jahr 2015); Deutsche Bahn ICE Bahnhof-Limburg Süd 2020; Holzfachschule Bad Wildungen 2020; KLARNA Headquarter Germany 2020; DLR_School_Lab Berlin, Zentrum für Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt, 2021 | Awards and fundings (selection): 2015 Cultural- and Artistfunding the State of Hesse, Germany, for the Werther Mural; 2016 art book funding of the State of Hesse, City of Wetzlar and City of Giessen, Germany; 2016 Fellow / Ambassador for cultural and creative economy, Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes, Berlin; 2017 Artist in Residence at Kunststation Kleinsassen, funded by The Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts and Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Bildung Hessen e. V.; 2017, 2018, 2019 Ab in die Mitte! Country Winner, awarded by Hessian Ministry of the Environment and Climate Protection; 2020/21 quARTainer art room project, Hessen kulturell neu eröffnen, awarded and funded by Hessian Ministry for Science and the Arts | Visit: www.3Steps.de for more information, works and full vita.

Website: www.3Steps.de

Votes: 53

Number of rounds

  • Jury ronde from 30-09-2021 00:00 till 31-10-2021 23:00

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