Herbert Hermans

The R.C. orphanage Gouda

Material: Oil on wooden panel
Size: 70 x 100 cm

In 1889 Catholics in Gouda bought a house that they converted into an orphanage. They did that because, if the orphans lived in the public orphanage, they wouldn't be the r.c. cemetery to be buried. The R.C. orphanage was built by the Gouda architect C.P.W. Dessing.
Background I was born in Voorburg (1947) and live in Rotterdam. My interest in drawing and painting started at secondary school in Tilburg. I took drawing lessons there from a well-known painter, Jan Asselbergs. I actually wanted to become an architect myself. Instead, I went to study law. Nevertheless, my interest in (spatial) drawing and painting remained and since the end of the eighties I have picked up that thread again carefully, in addition to my work. I took painting lessons at the Stichting Kunstzinnige Vorming in Rotterdam (SKVR) in acrylic, watercolor and oil painting. I started specializing in oil painting. In line with my previous interest in architecture, I focused on industrial and cultural heritage. An inexhaustible theme. In my work I have been influenced by artists such as Pieter Saenredam, M.C. Esscher and Hopper and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, among others. I have been making my oil paintings since 2013 in my studio at Vest 69 in Gouda. The source of inspiration for my paintings are abandoned and often dilapidated industrial buildings, which I usually capture just before demolition or renovation through sketches and photos. In addition to industrial heritage, I also paint cultural heritage: well-maintained or restored buildings with a cultural value. I want to make my paintings a special experience through the use of color and light. Dark desolation has to make way for light and warmth. I regularly add characters to the heritage that give the image a different or extra meaning. Some paintings contain a "hidden message" or a reference When creating my paintings I draw the basic pattern of the buildings and monuments based on previously taken photos and usually sketch directly on the canvas. I often use acrylic paint as a base coat. For the details I apply acrylic modeling paste and sometimes gold foil or parchment paper. I paint the top layers with oil paint and to get a depth effect the painting is often made up of different layers of glaze.

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