Ilgonis Rinkis


Material: Oil on Canvas
Size: 90 cm x 100 cm cm

A woman who likes to look beautiful. She thinks a lot about it. Her friend is a painter. Who asks her - Are we going to a concert? She looks in a small mirror, makes cosmetic improvements and says in a language the painter understands - MY LOVE — JUST A ONE MORE “STROKE”.
Ilgonis Rinkis /Born in 1986 in Latvia/ The painting captures a moment that cannot be repeated. There is something melancholic, lively, and ephemeral at this moment. I think that makes the painting attractive. I studied elementary school with the specifics of fine arts. It was taught color teaching, drawing. 1989-1993 Education in Studio (before) the Academy of Fine Arts, Riga, Latvia. Focus on painting, drawing, composition. In 1993, I was studious at the Ralph Janson`s Painting Studio. Then 1 year painting in Bruno Celmins's Painting Studio. In life, I learn painting from many painters. I also consider myself a self-taught person. From 2002 to 2010 I worked in book publishers and in the editorial office of one magazine. I resumed painting in 2018. I can say that I am a new painter. I have participated in several paintings exhibitions in Latvia. One of the exhibitions was held at the Riga Catholic Gymnasium (1994 y). Theme - Christian motif in painting. I participated there with five paintings. Three were of small format and two larger. At the end of the exhibition, the Catholic Gymnasium expressed its wish to purchase the two larger-format paintings. One was for exhibition in the music room, the other in the lobby on the way to the prayer chapel. I depicted pilgrims in both paintings – the human life as a pilgrimage. Figural compositions, abstractions. Last year (2019) participated in the group exhibition - "Paintings". I participated in the competition. Organized by the FLORENCE CONTEMPORARY GALLERY - for The 2020 Art Catalog with 3 pictures. Participant Gallery Borgo. In Roma. 2020 y. Paintings of the years 2020 - participant - with 4 pictures Partipant Latvian Art Union exhibition- Autumn 2020 Partipant Latvian Art Union exhibition- Spring 2021 ITSLIQUID group officially presents ARTIST OF THE MONTH - I participate in the May competition. In painting I am fascinated by people, flowers, nature. In the painting I would study the human soul. This is a miracle to me! Painting is like a moment in life! After graduation, i exhibited paintings and sold them in galleries. In 1994 I painted the series "Pilgrimage". It fascinated me that I even entered Christian Higher Education in Poland. Where I studied philosophy. After 3 years, I realized I didn't have to. Now for 3 years I have been painting again and I realize that painting is the most important form of my expression.

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Number of rounds

  • Jury ronde from 30-09-2021 00:00 till 31-10-2021 23:00

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