Inge Prins van Wijngaarden

Into the woods. walkING through the autumn colors.

Material: Kokostouw, olieverf en karton.
Size: 80 x 120 cm

Exhibition: “stories about trees” The Into the Woods series consists of three paintings painted with water-mixable oil paint on recycled cardboard. The paintings of these trees and forests are my reflections on how I see and approach nature. What is PURE Nature, what influence does humans have on this? In addition, research into the many properties of cardboard is also part of what I like to show in my work. After I made further progress in my research, I started using cardboard as a painting canvas. Then I discovered how I can use its specific ‘ripple’ properties as an artistic starting point. For both abstract and figurative work.
Inge Prins van Wijngaarden In her artworks, Inge reflects on how she experiences and sees life. She reflects on themes that concern her: from essentials to daily trifles, often with a touch of humor. Her sources of inspiration are nature, human behavior and the properties of materials. Sustainability is at the heart of everything she makes. She stands for a conscious approach to the environment and that is why she only works with environmentally friendly or recycled materials. Because these materials are very diverse, she uses different techniques to bring them to life. Intensive materials research is an important part of her work process. For Inge, art is about inspiring each other and expressing emotions. Into the woods, Exhibition: “stories about trees” The series Into the Woods consists of three paintings painted with water mixable oil paint on recycled cardboard. The paintings of these trees and forests are Inge's reflections on how she sees and approaches nature. What is PURE Nature, what influence does humans have on it? Making canvases from recycled corrugated cardboard was the start of the further research that Inge has done into this material. Cardboard ART, When developing self-made painting canvas from recycled corrugated cardboard, Inge has, in addition to researching recycled materials, also done a lot of research into how you can use existing means paint, varnish impregnation in a friendly way on initially unconventional recycled material. She has studied the properties of various resources and learned to apply these to recycled material. A good example of this research are the wall hangings made of corrugated cardboard. The material challenged her to this. Free stylING, Working with cardboard became more and more fascinating for her. She likes to show the many properties of cardboard in her work. She has come to use the specific "ripple" properties as an artistic starting point, for both abstract and figurative work. The Free StylING series consists of various expressive abstract works. ButtON / OFF, In every series the artist makes, she tries to show what interests her. She loves design and beautiful clothing, but tries to source them locally and sustainably as much as possible. Inge is a big believer in repairing clothes when needed. She is intrigued that more and more tailorand haberdashery shops are disappearing. As a result, materials and techniques are also forgotten. The ButtON / OFF series was born from these thoughts. She has researched the creative use of haberdashery in art. This has resulted in wall hangings and 3 dimensional images of buttons. The wall works "FAST fashion becomes SLOW art" are her own favorite. In The Netherlands there are various proverbs and sayings about buttons. Plus, your grandmother might think of a button box almost like a treasure chest. With this work she wants to inspire people to continue to wear and buy beautiful and durable clothing and possibly have it repaired. The works are all made from second-hand buttons that she received through or bought online. Curator Maud Oonk , Exhibition SeeYou@ART Amsterdam: Inge plays with what you can see in accidentally created forms. This is what you call pareidolia. A form of illusion in which you think you perceive recognizable things. A wellknown example is seeing a face in the moon. With the colors harmony and structure in her work, she reinforces the illusion that the shapes 'mean something'. With the knotting work she also plays with what you think what 'should'. Buttons belong to a blouse or jeans, but by combining hundreds of buttons, a new image is created. If you stare at it any longer, you forget even the function of the knots and it becomes an image in itself. PATCHwork MATCHwork, Inge fully masters working with cardboard. Her next step in working with this material is to make wall hangings and PATCHworks from cardboard. She plays with the build-up of the relief and uses countless different possibilities. Her fascination with haberdashery and craft techniques have led her to develop PATCHworks from recycled cardboard. Quite a search with a good result. At the moment she has let go of the figurative work, she is currently working on Patchworks without a frame, making it look even more like a tapestry. ZERO waste, The zero waste series is a result of advanced research into working with corrugated board. Inge wanted to show the color and purity of the material in this series. In the month of July she exhibits this work at: Bos Fine Art , The Hague. As a viewer, confusion arises and the question is: "what am I looking at". Through this confusion they hope to reach others to think about their own use and consumption of materials. She does not believe in imposing behavior. With this work she hopes to inspire people to approach and use materials in the visual arts in a sustainable way


  • Publiek ronde from 29-09-2021 00:00 till 30-11-2021 22:00
  • Jury ronde from 30-09-2021 00:00 till 31-10-2021 23:00

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