Onno Dröge

In a space of Softness

Material: Wooden Sculpture, oilpaint, tryplex board
Size: 123 x 94cm cm

Name/Surename: Onno Dröge City/Country: Roermond / The Netherlands email/website: onno.droge@gmail.com / www.artonno.nl Artist/Statement: Study at High School of art, Visual Designer, Maastricht 1986-1992 . Study High School of Art HKU Utrecht Art & Education , 2002-2005 born: Roermond, 30-1-1961 Art & inspiration: “My soul is strongly inclined to softness and roundness, to fluid lines and shapes, to space in and around my objects. In my objects, I like to refer to the spirit world and the heavenly atmosphere, represented through the fluent shapes, the presence of shadow and the colors.
Name/Surename: Onno Dröge City/Country: Roermond / The Netherlands email/website: onno.droge@gmail.com / www.artonno.nl Artist/Statement: Study at High School of art, Visual Designer, Maastricht 1986-1992 . Study High School of Art HKU Utrecht Art & Education , 2002-2005 born: Roermond, 30-1-1961 Art & inspiration: “My soul is strongly inclined to softness and roundness, to fluid lines and shapes, to space in and around my objects. In my objects, I like to refer to the spirit world and the heavenly atmosphere, represented through the fluent shapes, the presence of shadow and the colors. Interview end 2017: I'm the 3r I d child out of five. Our parents have been emotionally challenged as we almost all brought along a period of worries. I myself for exemple got seriously stuck at birth and had an accident at the age of 9 through which I got into a coma. I came out of it three weeks later and had to learn how to speak and walk again. I don't know which of the two situations made that I could not be a great student such as my brothers and sisters. I was smart, but to slow to keep up with the standards of others. Already as a child I loved to build sculptures with sand, blocks, meccano, LEGO and clay. My personal interest in art came to blossom during the many holidays I spent with my family in beautiful places in south Mediterranean countries as France, Italy, Marocco and Jordan. I was, and am still, attracted by the bluishness of the see together with the rough, stoney and sandy landscape.You can imagine that in this perspective I got enormously impressed by the City of Petra, due to its superb colours and to its austerious templesculptures in the rough rocks. This is how I became, as an adolescent, fond of the contrast 'soft, round versus rough'. As a young adult I worked at a bank where it was tough to keep up with the expectations. When my mother was diagnosed with the disease MS, I realised that life is short and so I decided to inscribe for evening studies for art at Stadsacademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht. During studies and after my degree in 1992 there were some life changing moments: I met my partner, got fired at the bank and temped a while before starting my own little art school for children and adults, had my first exhibitions with clay objects, became a father of two children and got two teaching degrees in art (one for primar school and one for middle school). Let's say, it was a process of going home to my heart and to my skills. How would you describe yourself and your artwork?My soul is strongly inclined to softness and roundness, to fluent lines and shapes, to space in and around my objects. In my objects I like to refer to the spirit world and to the heavenly atmosphere, represented through the fluent shapes, the presence of shadow and the colours. Where do you get your inspiration from? It is a style of its own that emerged from its own feelings. Of course several styles of art and architecture have inspired me. I want to be close to nature. Clay and later wood helped me to translate the love for nature and women into curves and flowing lines (sculptures). It is certainly the material in which I can express certain feelings. The earthly feelings, the contact with the water / sea, the rocks, the beach, the living nature. What emotions do you hope the viewers experience when looking at your art?Through the shapes I hope to translate love, affection, the earthly and spiritual life, mystic. Because life is a kind of puzzle of many situations, conditions, experiences and feelings. I hope to bring the viewer closer to his/her own (spiritual) heart. When do you know that an artwork is finished ? After a period of devotion the object 'tells' you when it is ready: it might fit the drawings or it might ask much less or much more than that. I like to renew and develop myself, new ideas come and go. Sometimes I abandon an object temporarely because a new shape is pushing itself to strongly forward. Therefor I am often working on several shapes simultaneously. The abandoned shape might profit from it later. What has been the most exciting moment in your art career so far? Everything that has happened and is happening, apart and together, has its value. Therefor I cannot mention one specific moment of excitement. If I force myself I would say my first exhibition in Geleen after graduation? What exciting projects are you working on right now? Can you share some of the future plans. Do you have any upcoming events or exhibitions we should know about ? Where do you see your art going: At the end of 2019 I felt like making small sketches on hardboard planks. I had long been fascinated by round plastic shapes from the 60s-70s. I translated the plastic shapes into the enamel, white-painted shapes on the paintings. Loops, Jing-jang shapes, flowing shapes can be seen a lot in this. It is now ending 2020 and the new paintworks are ready look at my website www.artonno.nl . What exciting projects are you working on right now? I am very bissy at the moment with sevaral Galleries. I dream about a great project. I dream about time to tink, work and get energie & inspiration for new work. Of course I want to continue and I dream of working in my studio again. But at the moment I am taking a step back not to go on like a headless chicken stoically. Art must remain pure. Inspiration comes from love and feelings. The new artworks will arise from a selection of works that I made and ideas / inspiration gained. EXHIBITIONS ART PRODUCTIONS NEW YORK CITY • ART EXPO NEW YORK April 23-26 2020 Art Fairs Week New York • Art market hamptons Fair July 2020 • THE OTHER ART FAIR (presented and curated by saatchi art) New York November, 2020 • OIAF 2020 LONDON, England Oxford International Art Fair 2020 • PULSE Art Basel Miami Dec 2020 RED DOT ART BASEL MIAMI Art Basel Miami Dec 2020 • Art Fair Tokyo 2021 Mar 2021 • ART PARIS INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR Apr 2021 • SCOPE ART FAIR New York art fairs week 2021 March 5-8 • ABU DHABI ART FAIR November 2021 • Singapore AND Melborne Affordable Art Fair Sept and November 2021 Rossinabro ROMA event https://www.facebook.com/events/121775646248285 hashtag#giornatadelcontemporaneo ROSSOCINABRO https://www.facebook.com/rossocinabrogallery https://www.instagram.com/rossocinabro_gallery/?hl=it https://twitter.com/rossocinabro AMACI https://www.facebook.com/AMACI.musei https://www.instagram.com/amaci_musei/ https://twitter.com/AMACI_musei DGCC del MiBACT https://www.facebook.com/CreativitaContemporanea https://www.instagram.com/creativita_contemporanea/ https://www.youtube.com/c/direzionegeneralecreativitacontemporanea MAECI https://www.facebook.com/ItalyMFA.it https://www.instagram.com/italymfa/ https://twitter.com/ItalyMFA https://romeartweek.com/it/eventi/?id=2943&ida=926 https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2020.htm https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2020/202_permanent_is_nowhere.htm https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2020/196_to_be_continued.htm (Tokyo) These are the links: http://www.rossocinabro.com/artworks/artshop_sculpture.htm https://www.rossocinabro.com/artworks/available_works_droge.htm http://www.rossocinabro.com/artist_bios/droge.htm http://www.rossocinabro.com/artists.htm This is the new show online from 16th April, it's part of Art Collections: https://www.rossocinabro.com/collections/best_of_sculpture.htm There is a photo of one of your works in the Shanghai exhibition https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2019/185_disorganised_exhibitions.htm https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2020.htm Instagram:https://w hww.instagram.com/p/CB0oC-kqHUA/ Facebook: https://gallery/photos/a.5www.facebook.com/rossocinabro23336311030711/3186937484670567/?type=3&theater Twitter: https://twitter.com/rossocinabro/status/1266365369825935365 Artrabbit: https://www.artrabbit.com/events/art-collections Artweek: https://www.artweek.com/events/italy/art-exhibition/roma/art-collections Informazione: https://www.informazione.it/c/5523595F-B4CA-45AD-BFB6-32A26C19951F/Art-Collections Lobodilattice:https://www.lobodilattice.com/art/mostre-eventi/art-collections Magazine Pragma: https://magazinepragma.com/eventi/art-collections-a-roma-prima-apertura-dopo-il-lockdown/ Oggi Roma: https://www.oggiroma.it/eventi/mostre/art-collections/53122/ Premio Celeste: https://www.celesteprize.com/eng_artista_news/idu:15328/idn:43723/ Roma 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http://www.romaedintorninotizie.it/notizie-dalla-rete/art-collections-nuovo-programma-di-mostre-online-di-rossocinabro/ Metooo: https://www.metooo.it/e/art-collections https://www.rossocinabro.com/index.htm https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2020/195_co-existence_7.htm https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2020/195_co-existence_7_art_selected.htm https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2020.htm https://www.facebook.com/pg/rossocinabrogallery/posts/ https://twitter.com/rossocinabro/status/1247479899612479489 https://www.instagram.com/p/B-rWgw3H3n6/ 24 ore news: http://www.24orenews.it/eventi/mostre/25707-co-existence-april-2020 Arte.go: https://www.arte.go.it/event/co-existence-7-mostra-collettiva-online/ Arte.it: http://www.arte.it/calendario-arte/roma/mostra-co-existence-7-67065 Artrabbit: https://www.artrabbit.com/events/coexistence-rossocinabro Artribune: https://www.artribune.com/mostre-evento-arte/co-existence-7/ Artweek: https://www.artweek.com/events/italy/art-exhibition/roma/co-existence-7 Billetto: https://billetto.it/e/co-existence-7-biglietti-420817?ref=b2c-completed Espoarte: https://www.espoarte.net/newsbox/co-existence-7/ Exibart: https://www.exibart.com/evento-arte/co-existence-evento-online/ Fidest: https://fidest.wordpress.com/2020/04/08/ Informazione: https://www.informazione.it/c/E1E397D5-4F3E-4FA4-8EB2-78A25C255EF6/Co-Existence-7 Magazine Pragma: https://magazinepragma.com/eventi/co-existence-7/ Oggi Roma: https://www.oggiroma.it/eventi/mostre/co-existence-7/52894/ Metoo:https://www.metooo.it/e/co-existence Allwebitaly:http://www.allwebitaly.it/evento/co-existence-7-roma Arte in mostra: https://arte-in-mostra.blogspot.com/2020/04/co-existence-7-rossocinabro.html Corpo a Corpo: https://www.corpoacorpo.net/sezioni/arte/mostre/Co-Existence-7 EZrome: https://www.ezrome.it/eventi-a-roma/mostre-a-roma/ Geos News: https://it.geosnews.com/p/it/lazio/rm/roma/mostre-co-existence-7_28893711 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Arte.go: https://www.arte.go.it/event/on-earth-and-elsewhere-mostra-collettiva/ Artrabbit:https://www.artrabbit.com/events/on-earth-and-elsewhere-rossocinabro Billetto: https://billetto.it/e/on-earth-and-elsewhere-biglietti-410690 Exibart: https://www.exibart.com/evento-arte/on-earth-and-elsewhere/ Informazione: https://www.informazione.it/c/FBA4DE95-3875-4945-A839-295CCB4777FA/On-Earth-and-Elsewhere Lobodilattice: https://www.lobodilattice.com/art/mostre-eventi/on-earth-and-elsewhere Magazine Pragma: https://magazinepragma.com/eventi/on-earth-and-elsewhere-il-paesaggio-e-il-volto-umano/ Oggi Roma: https://www.oggiroma.it/eventi/gallerie/on-earth-and-elsewhere/52120/ Evensi: https://www.evensi.it/earth-8211-mostra-collettiva-raffaele-cadorna-28/376997873 Roma Art Guide:http://www.romartguide.it/italiano/mostre_eventi_gallerie_roma.html Roma Today: https://www.romatoday.it/eventi/on-earth-and-elsewhere-collettiva-di-artisti.html Virgilio: https://www.virgilio.it/italia/roma/eventi/on-earth-and-elsewhere-8211-mostra-collettiva_7722001_102 AGR: https://www.agronline.it/cultura/rossocinabro-dal-paesaggio-al-volto-umano_18593?ck_mkt=4 Allwebitaly: http://www.allwebitaly.it/evento/on-earth-and-elsewhere Celeste Prize:https://www.premioceleste.it/ita_artista_news/idu:15328/idn:43585/ Eventi Oggi: https://www.eventioggi.eu/annuncio/on-earth-and-elsewhere/ EZrome: https://www.ezrome.it/eventi-a-roma/mostre-a-roma/13478-on-earth-and-elsewhere-alla-galleria-rosso-cinabro Geosnews: https://it.geosnews.com/p/it/lazio/rm/roma/gallerie-on-earth-and-elsewhere_27916330 Giraitalia: https://www.giraitalia.com/arte-spettacolo/lazio/on-earth-and-elsewhere Il colosseo: https://www.il-colosseo.it/roma-gratis.php? Immaginaria: https://www.immaginaria.net/on-earth-and-elsewhere Okarte: https://okarte.it/index.php/185-artisti-ok-arte-homepage/57825-on-earth-and-elsewhere Mentelocale: https://www.mentelocale.it/roma/eventi/163417-on-earth-and-elsewhere-la-mostra.htm Pittorica: https://www.pittorica.org/2020/02/07/on-earth-and-elsewhere-galleria-rossocinabro-roma/ Premio Celeste: https://www.premioceleste.it/rossocinabro Romacheap: https://www.romacheap.it/arte/36050/on-earth-and-elsewhere.html Sevenpress: https://www.sevenpress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=209591&catid=113&Itemid=147 Udite Udite: https://udite-udite.it/2020/02/rossocianbro-on-earth-and-elsewhere-dal-7-al-29-febbraio-roma/ Antwerpen: Carved feelings III ONLINE EXPO 2020-03 www.galerieludwigtrossaert.com A SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 2019 DYNAMIC DIRECTIVES: A GROUP EXHIBITION CHELSEA, NYC ARMORY ART FAIRS WEEK MARCH 7-20 2019 EXPOSITION Grimandi ART Gallery New York www.arttourinternational.com ANTWERPEN: Carved Feelings II ONLINE EXPO 2019-03 www.galerieludwigtrossaert.com Brabant Art Fair 2019 - 03 -17/16 Breda ART PRODUCTIONS NEW YORK CITY -ART EXPO NEW YORK: ART FAIR 2019 GLOBAL ART FAIRS MONTH PIER 92, NYC APRIL 4-7, 2019 . -THE COLLECTORS CONNECTION: A SUMMER SHOWCASE SOHO GROUP EXHIBITION NEW YORK AUGUST 8-22 2019. -MIAMI ART BASEL WEEK 2019 THE RED DOT ART FAIR DECEMBER 5-10 2019 www.artproductionsnyc.com / https://artproductionny.com/onno-droge 33 WEST 19TH ST. NEW YORK, NY 10011 P: 646 598-7369 | F: 646 304 9042 Rossinabro ROMA Via Raffaele Cadorna, 28 00187 Rome Italy phone: +39 06 60658125 Arte.go: https://www.arte.go.it/event/the-narrative-panorama-mostra-collettiva/ Artrabbit: https://www.artrabbit.com/events/narrative-panorama Exibart: http://www.exibart.com/profilo/eventiV2.asp?idelemento=181260 Magazine Art: https://magazinepragma.com/eventi/narrative-panorama/ Mostrearte: http://culturacontemporanea.it/narrative-panorama Primapaginanews: https://www.primapaginanews.it/articoli/mostre-roma-rossocinabro-per-narrative-panorama-collettiva-di-ventinove-artisti-441439 Roma Art Guide: http://www.pittorica.org/2018/12/14/the-narrative-panorama-mostra-collettiva-rossocinabro-roma/ Saatchi Global Art Guide: http://globalgalleryguide.saatchigallery.com/rosso-cinabro-15200?country=IT&all&page=6 Celeste Prize: https://www.celesteprize.com/eng_artista_news/idu:15328/idn:42473/ Giraitalia: https://www.giraitalia.com/link__evento/idevento__2519 Eventa: https://www.eventioggi.eu/event-pro/narrative-panorama-mostra-a-roma-dal-14-al-31-dicembre/ Eventinet:http://roma.eventinet.it/annunci_eventi/narrative-panorama-37614580.html Eventioggi: https://www.eventioggi.eu/event-pro/narrative-panorama-mostra-a-roma-dal-14-al-31-dicembre/ EZrome: https://www.ezrome.it/notizie/comunicati/10637-narrative-panorama-alla-galleria-rosso-cinabro Immaginaria: https://www.immaginaria.net/narrative-panorama Lobodilattice: https://www.lobodilattice.com/art/mostre-eventi/narrative-panorama Okarte: https://okarte.it/index.php/14-notizie-ok-arte/55666-narrative-panorama Nadir Magazine: https://nadirnews.wordpress.com/ Pittorica: http://www.pittorica.org/2018/12/14/the-narrative-panorama-mostra-collettiva-rossocinabro-roma/ Pragma Magazine: https://magazinepragma.com/eventi/narrative-panorama/ Premio Celeste: https://www.premioceleste.it/ita_artista_news/idu:15328/idn:42473/ Sevenpress: https://www.sevenpress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=181668:narrative-panorama&catid=113:eventi&Itemid=147 TrovaEventi: http://www.trovaeventi.eu/events/narrative-panorama https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2018.htm https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2018/175_the_narrative_panorama.htm https://www.instagram.com/rossocinabro_gallery/ https://www.facebook.com/rossocinabrogallery/ https://twitter.com/rossocinabro https://www.yooying.com/rossocinabro_gallery http://picdeer.com/rossocinabro_gallery http://www.inst4gram.com/u/rossocinabro_gallery https://www.picdove.com/profile/rossocinabro_gallery https://insta-stalker.com/profile/rossocinabro_gallery/ https://romeartweek.com/it/eventi/?id=2051&ida=926 https://romeartweek.com/it/calendario/ http://www.exibart.com/profilo/eventiV2.asp?idelemento=179881 https://www.lobodilattice.com/art/mostre-eventi/mostra-collettiva-residenti http://incircolarte.it/tag/rossocinabro/ https://www.ezrome.it/notizie/comunicati/10220-rossocinabro-per-rome-art-week-residenti-dal-22-al-31-ottobre-2018 https://www.premioceleste.it/ita_artista_news/idu:15328/idn:42276/ http://ardea.eventinet.it/mypage/galleria-rossocinabro-2251.html https://www.evensi.it/residenti-raffaele-cadorna-28-00187-rome-italy/273864335 http://insubriacritica.blogspot.com/2018/10/residenti-22-31-ottobre-2018-roma.html http://culturacontemporanea.it/mostra-collettiva-residenti https://www.immaginaria.net/?page=1 https://www.espoarte.net/calendario-eventi/residenti/ https://okarte.it/index.php/mostre-ed-eventi-2015/roma-mostra-eventi-2015/55323-residenti https://www.pinterest.it/pin/437623288789353243/ https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2018.htm https://www.rossocinabro.com/exhibitions/exhibitions_2018/172_residenti_2018.htm https://www.facebook.com/events/342176519849855/ https://twitter.com/rossocinabro/status/1052221420414078976 http://www.contemporaryartcuratormagazine.com/home-2/onno-droge http://www.contemporaryartcurator.com/onno-drge/ Contemporary Art Curator Magazine / PR and Marketing for Artists Carved Feelings Online exposition PARIS December 2017 - 2018 GALERIE Ludwig Trossaert INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART b.v.b.a. VISION ON ART online expo www.galerieludwigtrossaert.com galerie.ludwig.trossaert@visiononart.be Nationale kunstdagen 11 en 12 nov. van 11 tot 17 uur Beursfabriek Nieuwegein [info@kunstdagen.nl] four seasons artfair A'dam 31 aug. tot 3 sept 2017 info@fourseasonsartfair.com Eindhoven Art Fair 8 en 9 april 2017 Brabant Art Fair maart 2017 & 2018 & 2019 Peper ART ECI Roermond oktober 2016 ELLEN VERBEEK EN DERK SAUER IN DOMBURG 15 JULI T/m AUGUSTUS 2016 Kasteel Daelenbroek Herkenbosch 12 juni - 10 juli 2016 Art fair Eindhoven 16 en 17 april 2016 Now Art Fair Rotterdam 14 en 15 november 2015 Beeldentuin de Pruimengaard zomer 2001 Arto imago Uden Pasen 2000 Pro Sessie Kunstroute Roermond lente/zomer 2000 HOLLAND ART FAIR 1 T/M 6 APRIL 1999 Lesley Smit Art Galery voortdurende expo 1999 tot 2002 Galerie Sousterre Lithoijen 1999 tot heden Bogaart Art voorjaar 1999 en voorjaar 2000 Galerie Molenaars Breda februari 1999 tot oktober 2000 Bel Arte Belfeld februari 1999 tot maart 1999 Boerderij Galerie de Ossenberg Grijpskerke oktober t/m december 1998 Leven in het groen Landgoed Velder te Liempde juli 1998 Galerie Molenaars tuinexpositie mei-juni 1998 Galerie Ja te Eindhoven april-mei 1998 Gooi Art Fair Baarn 1997 Gallerie de Ossenberg Grijpskerke najaar 1997 . Galerie Borsboom te Burgh-Haamstede voorjaar-zomer 1997 Centrum voor de Kunsten Roermond voorjaar 1997 Studio Arboheum Rhenen voorjaar 1997 ,t Rechthuis te Nieuwkoop 1997 Erte Argenturen expo in de Grotten La Caverne te Geulhem 1996 en 1997 Art Village Roelofsvarensveen voorjaar 1996 Galerie de Bunders te Sint Oedenrode voorjaar 1996 Kasteel groeneveld te Baarn 1996 Tuin Galerie in Ash 1996 Galerie Desude te Udenhout februari / maart 1996 De Beijneshal te Haarlem kunstbeurs 2 x expo in 1995 en 1996 Galerie de Bovenste Toren te Breda 1995 Turfschip Breda kunst beurs 1995 Gallo Romeins Museum te Tongeren 1995 De flint te Amersfoort kunstbeurs 1995 EURO Art Antwerpen kunstbeurs 1994 Het Arsenaal te Naarden Vesting ( Jan des Bouvries) voorjaar 1994 Galerie de Hanenhof te Geleen voorjaar 1994 Museum de Kopermolen te Vaals najaar 1993 Museum het Schepenhuis te Budel einde zomer 1993 Hotel Maastricht uitnodiging oktober 1992 Vereniging van Keramisten Hein Severijns Museum de Tiendschuur te Weert zomer 1992 Eindexamen expositie 1uli 1992 Stadsacademie voor Beeldende kunsten te Maastricht

Website: www.artonno.nl


  • Publiek ronde from 29-09-2021 00:00 till 30-11-2021 22:00
  • Jury ronde from 30-09-2021 00:00 till 31-10-2021 23:00

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